Our Swimmers

It is always a privilege to be part of one’s swim journey! Here are some of the joy we shared with our swimmers.

Swimming helps Prishika to build water confidence and psychomotor skills. 

Prishika, 3yrs old

Aaren was afraid of deep water. As he persevered, he is now able to swim confidently.

Aaren, 6yrs old

Lucas got his swimming strokes refined as he prepares towards SwimSafer Stage 6 (Gold).

Lucas, 9yrs old

Emery has improved her stamina and swim strokes within one and a half month of swimming.

Emery, 8yrs old

Hector struggled with pool water when he started. He is now a lot more confident and comfortable inside a swimming pool.

Hector, 6yrs old

With this set of swimming skill, Lauren is confident to swim in open water and was able to enjoy snorkelling with family.

Lauren, 18yrs old